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Candlestick Mouse Pad

Candlestick Mouse Pad

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Never forget a candlestick pattern again with this handy candlestick mouse pad. It not only looks great on your desk, but it's also a great tool to have when analyzing charts and you can't quite remember a particular pattern.

Perfect for your home office or as a gift for a new trader to show your support. This 9x8 inch mouse pad is versatile and provides a smooth experience with a custom flair.

Made with durable, high-density foam and an ultra-thin rubber base, this mouse pad is 1/16" (1.58 mm) thick and features a one-sided print. Don't let forgetting a candlestick pattern hold you back, add this cheat sheet mouse pad to your workspace and trade with confidence.

Product features:
  • One shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Durable, high-density foam with an ultra-thin rubber base
  • 1/16" (1.58 mm) thick
  • One-sided print
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