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The Free Trading Revolution

The knowledge of stock market trading should be accessible to everyone without financial burden. At Trader Brag Stock, we began our learning journey in 2013 and spent a significant amount on courses. Then, we discovered Real Life Trading and learned the basics for FREE! This experience changed our lives, prompting us to continue taking more courses.

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GLANCE LED Price Ticker Display

Track your favorite Stocks, Mutual Funds, Cryptos, NFTs, FOREXs, Commodities, and Precious Metals and even Sports Teams!

Avoid the constant back and forth and never miss out on what YOU care about most. Whether it's your favorite team scoring or your latest gamble on wall street bets.


Trader Wall Art


3 screens. 1 tiny cable.

Trade anywhere like the world has never seen before!

$40 off select products

Shop Portabl.

Build your portfolio, literally.

Non-intrusive E-Paper which emits no light, create and control modes like Daily Top Performer, or Daily Worst Performer or in order.

Track your own positions and display your portfolio gains (or losses).

Shop TickrMeter

What Is Trader Brag Stock?

Trader Brag Stock, based in Chicago USA, offers high-quality stock market trading products with unique designs. Founded by experienced graphics artists and passionate day traders, options traders, stock market memes, Crypto traders, you name it. The website was created to address the lack of original trading-related products with thought-out designs. We are committed to delivering exceptional service to all customers.

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The Real Life Foundation

Empowering lives through charitable contributions, we strive to raise funds for non-profit organizations and support causes that hold significance in our community.

100% of donations go to Real Life Foundations.

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