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Multifunctional Waterproof Desk Mat

Multifunctional Waterproof Desk Mat

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Transform your workspace with our multifunctional waterproof desk mat. This high-quality leather mat measures 28 X 13 inches (70 x 33 cm), offering ample space and protection for your desk setup, keyboard, and mouse. Its smooth surface ensures precise mouse movements, enhancing your work experience.


- Built-in interchangeable calendar for easy tracking of the current month.
- Multiple pockets of different sizes to store and organize cards.
- Versatile design suitable for gaming, keyboard pads, gaming mouse pads, and regular mouse pads.
- Waterproof material safeguards your desk from spills and stains.

Upgrade your desk with style, functionality, and organization. Our desk mat combines practicality with a sleek design, making it a must-have accessory for any workspace.

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