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Nixie Clock & Alarm

Nixie Clock & Alarm

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Retro nixie clock Vostok-4 Black Sapele

We use only original Soviet Tubes produced in the 70-80s years (if you want to know more about what Nixies are, use wiki: Time has shown that they are not just very beautiful, but also very reliable - they work up to 30 years (sometimes even more).šŸ‘

Sizes: 200 on 70 mm and 80 mm high (about 7,8 on 2,7 inches and 3 inches high) - just a perfect sized table clock šŸ„°

Yes, we do deliver to your country šŸŒāœˆ we actually deliver all over the world and we pack our clocks super-carefully and super-safe, we use foam rubber and every Tube is secure šŸ˜œ

5-YEAR WARRANTY for the clock (and Tubes in it)!

This clock is packed šŸ“¦ in a premium black box made with laminated cardboard with golden embossing of our logo on top and magnetic closure. With this clock, we pack manual on a tracing paper, and a personal certificate (when you place an order, please write us in a private message what name should we put in this certificate). We actually have even more luxury package with a wooden box for additional payment (just ask us directly in messages).

šŸ”Œ Standard power adapter with EU plug is included (we also include a socket adapter for American, British, Australian types of sockets). If you want a fancy retro power adapter - that's an additional option with a small fee (which also can be arranged).

Clock has quite a few functions: it shows time and date (format of those can be adjusted to a 12/24-hour mode, or an Asian/European/American date format, date can also be disabled), 2 alarms (cool, right? ;)), sleep mode (to help you extend Tubes lifetime), 2 digit changing modes (regular and crossfading), adjustable brightness of Tubes, also a blue LED light (also adjustable brightness, can be disabled). Of course, you'll have a manual šŸ§ in English to deal with it.

Also there are a few features that are taking care šŸ¤— of your clock without you knowing that: every 10 minutes all digits would go through to prevent cathodes poisoning; clocks are pretty precise (inaccuracy not more than a minute a year with possibility of time correction to make it even more precise); easy tube replacement without soldering (you can order additional tubes); also very important one: time and date are kept during failure of power (so you wouldn't have to make adjustments every time you decide to move the clock to another place).

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