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Vintage 1890-1984 CERA Collection: Set of 4 Mid-Century Modern Dow Jones Stock Market Lowball Glasses - Rare Find

Vintage 1890-1984 CERA Collection: Set of 4 Mid-Century Modern Dow Jones Stock Market Lowball Glasses - Rare Find

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Introducing our exclusive collection of Mid-Century Modern glasses, a set of four, each distinctively marked to represent different eras ranging from 1890 to 1984. This rare and unique set is a collector's dream, perfect for adding a touch of history and elegance to your gatherings.

Each glass in the set features a clear design adorned with a black and white graphical representation of the stock market's fluctuations over time, alongside key world events. The timeline is not only informative but also artistically presented, making these glasses a conversation starter.

What sets these glasses apart is the luxurious touch of 22 karat gold rimming the top, delicately embossed with various stock symbols. This feature adds a layer of sophistication and opulence to the set.

The dimensions of each glass are thoughtfully sized at a height of 4.13 inches (10.5 cm) and a diameter of 3.25 inches (8.26 cm), making them ideal for various beverages. Styled in the Mid-Century Modern tradition, these glasses are as much a piece of art as they are functional drinkware.

Crafted with precision, the glasses utilize high-quality materials combining glass with exquisite 22K gold rims, featuring graphics in striking black and white. Proudly originating from the United States, these glasses belong to the mid-20th century era, with their manufacturing date traced back to 1970.

This set is not just drinkware; it's a piece of history encapsulating a century of economic change, perfect for collectors, enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates the fusion of art and functionality in their home decor.

Stock Market Dates on each separate glass:

  1. Glass one: 1890 - 1910
  2. Glass two: 1915 - 1935
  3. Glass three: 1940 - 1955
  4. Glass four: 1960 - 1984


  • Height: 4.13 in (10.5 cm)
  • Diameter: 3.25 in (8.26 cm)
  • Style: Mid-Century Modern (Of the Period)
  • Materials and Techniques: Glass with 22K Gold Rims with graphics in Black and White
  • Place of Origin: United States
  • Period: Mid-20th Century
  • Date of Manufacture: 1970
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