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[RARE] Authentic Art Deco Bronze Statue of Bull and Bear – Signed Edition for Stock Market Enthusiasts

[RARE] Authentic Art Deco Bronze Statue of Bull and Bear – Signed Edition for Stock Market Enthusiasts

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Step into a world where the wild's raw energy is artfully captured in bronze. This magnificent sculpture brings to life an intense duel between two of nature's most powerful creatures. Witness the American bison, commonly known as the buffalo, standing its ground against a formidable bear. Their fierce gaze and readiness for confrontation are masterfully depicted, encapsulating the essence of their natural struggle.

This piece is a testament to the timeless technique of lost-wax casting, highlighting the artist's dedication to detail and artistic mastery. From the intricacies of muscle definition to the subtle textures of fur and intense facial features, this sculpture is a marvel of lifelike precision.

Elegantly mounted on a polished black marble base, this sculpture is more than a decorative item; it's a statement of elegance and artistic flair. It is graced with the signature of the esteemed artist Barye, a mark of authenticity and a tribute to the sculpture's esteemed craftsmanship.

This bronze sculpture is not just an art piece; it's an invitation to embrace the wild's untamed spirit. Ideal for both home and office settings, it stands as a symbol of nature's enduring power and the eternal dance between formidable adversaries. This stunning creation is a freeze-frame of nature's raw beauty, an embodiment of a timeless confrontation.


  • Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 9" X Width 21"
  • Marble Dimensions: Diameter 21"
  • Height without base: 8"
  • Weight: 26 LBS
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